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Print Vs. Web

I’m sure this is a topic I’ll touch on more than once, but it’s been on my mind more this week because of the project I’m tackling at work. My main job is Web-based, but twice a year I serve as the managing editor for a visitors’ guide to the city and surrounding areas. It’s almost the only time I work on the print side these days, and while it is a lot of work—a lot of work—I also really appreciate the opportunity to complete a project that leaves me with a tangible product at the end. My favorite part of my previous job was that after all the long hours and late nights and last-minute corrections, office copies were delivered and I could hold the magazine in my hand, page through it, and know that I had a hand in every single article, every nook and cranny of every page printed.

I’ve never gotten over the thrill of seeing the pages laid out and designed, the different fonts splashed against one another, the colorful photographs and crisp illustrations. It makes me envious of the designers’ talents. It’s the whole reason magazines are fun to read. Sure, the content is great, but if they were printed in black and white like a pamphlet, who would want to take them to the beach or page through them while chatting with your friends or your manicurist?

The Web is cool because it’s so immediate, so timely—and, let’s be honest, because fixing mistakes is easy. But for me, print is still more pleasant to consume. If my boss is reading this, I hope he doesn’t take offense.