Friday Haiku-Off

My friend and I got into another haiku-off over gchat today. Here are the results.

About biscotti (and dipping said biscotti in chocolate)

My friend’s:

Tanya uses care

I dip with reckless abandon

No risk no reward


Twice-baked and tasty

Giving fancy potatoes

A run for their dough

And another round, about my new favorite movie, Wreck-it Ralph (sooooo many fantastic candy-based puns).

My friend’s:

Banished to the cave

No franz no life no future

Damn you pixlexia


Huge swinging ham fists

Tried to smash me into crumbs

But he just glazed me

Have you seen Wreck-it Ralph, by the way? Please do yourself a favor and go. It’s completely delightful. Wanna join the haiku-off? Leave one in the comments!

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