Why TV Is Better Than Movies

Vulture has an interesting article today about why people seem to be turning to television over movies. Spoiler alert: It’s all about the money. Funds are limited, so execs go with the “guaranteed” success (sequels, adaptations of hugely successful books, anything that involves a muscly dude in a Spandex outfit) rather than the indie dramas. “Almost no movie makes sense on paper. If the glass is half-empty or half-full, it is always half-empty.”

So while there are no doubt just as many smart, talented, creative writers and directors with original ideas and defined visions, what we get instead is two-bit slasher films and Twilight 17: Yeah, We’re Still Emo.

TV, on the other hand, now has the opportunity to do all of the exciting, edgy, boundary-pushing things that used to define movies. I remember it was a big deal when established actors like Dustin Hoffman and Glenn Close took on roles in television shows. And when I think about the plots and characters and worlds that have been most memorable to me in the past years, they’re almost all from TV shows. I’m sure that also has to do with both my short attention span and my preference for settling in with characters and watching their arcs over time. My friend and I both love the show Happy Endings, and once we had a ten-minute conversation about how watching the show every week felt like hanging out with actual friends. Sad, but true.

What are your thoughts on TV versus movies? What characters stick out in your mind the most?


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