Editing, copyediting especially, is a very detail-oriented task. Our office has a very open layout, and we all sit very close together. The upshot is that I find myself plugging in a lot. Listening to music helps my concentration (especially when my coworkers are on the phone) and makes the day go by much faster.

For a while I was listening to Pandora, and then to Spotify, but the first started recycling songs too often and the second was making me practically homicidal with its strumming-guitar house ads every five songs or so. So you can imagine how excited I was when I discovered, via the beauty blog Witty + Pretty, a new kind of Internet radio called Songza. Not only is it completely free, it has ZERO ADS, praise the lord. And it’s fantastic for discovering new music. Rather than asking you to create a station based on a certain artist or song, as Pandora does, Songza asks you to input the time of day and the vibe you’re going for.

From there you pick your desired category.

And then choose from the playlists the team has created to match the options you’ve chosen.

If you’re like me and aren’t hip enough to always be up on the coolest new bands and songs, this is a fantastic way to discover new music. It’s like getting to chain your most indie-hipster-cool-kid friend to a chair and force him/her to deejay for you all day. With fewer Wayfarers.

Already today I’ve listened to everything from Frank Ocean to Dirty Projectors to Bauuer’s insanely ear-wormy “Harlem Shake.” No repeats, no limits to how many songs you can skip—and have I mentioned NO COMMERCIALS?

So thank you, Songza, for preserving my sanity. I see this becoming my go-to for every situation…at least for as long as it remains ad- and dues-free. If you check it out, let me know what you think and if you discovered any great new bands.


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