Wait, What? True Blood Episode Four

Apologies for being late on this one—but the good news is you’ll be getting two at once. Without further ado, the most WTF-worthy moments from episode four of True Blood (“I’m Alive and On Fire”).

Eric’s drunk-on-fairy-blood romp in the lake.
His huge, shit-eating grin and delivery of the line “Hi Sookie!” like a little kid at Chuck E. Cheese? Priceless. I’ll even grudgingly admit that Sookie’s “There’s big gators in there, you crazy Viking!” was pretty excellent, too.

“Sex is kinda gross, but it feels good, don’t it? Tell Uncle-Daddy Felton all about it.”
Eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww. Television Without Pity called this plot line the “grossest thing we’ve seen on TV in a long time,” and with a line like the above, how could you disagree? Also, what exactly are these panther thingies again? They’re just like werewolves but of the jungle cat variety? And since apparently both species can just transform whenever they want, what does the full moon have to do with anything?

Baby not yours.
Yes! Finally, something is happening here. I have a secret soft spot for storylines involving creepy little kids, and while the scrawled magic marker was sort of cheesy, the slanted ceiling camera angle was appropriately menacing, and it’s at least giving Arlene and Terry’s sad little life a bit of juice. My money is on it actually being one of her other brats who’s possessed. (Also is it just me, or does Baby Rene look a smidge like Baby Toby from the Labyrinth?


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