Wait, What? True Blood, Episode Two

I first encountered True Blood as a season-one box set on the free table at an internship venue. Since then I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the show, yet for some damn reason I just can’t stop watching it—probably because the plot lines get steadily more ridiculous (and ASkars gets steadily hotter, though I’m not even sure how it’s possible).

Herewith, for your enjoyment, I will be posting a weekly “Wait, What?” guide to the most WTF-worthy moments of each episode. As I’m a bit behind, I’ll be posting for the first three episodes this week, so hopefully by the time episode four airs I’ll be up to date.

Episode Two

Bill’s Sid Vicious impression
Though I give props to the writers for managing to shoehorn in his natural Brit accent.

The return of Bill and Sophie’s Matrix-style showdown
Seriously, basing a climactic scene on a so-last-millenium Keanu Reeves movie? You can do better, AB.

Jason’s cat-tastic three-way
Sex panther: 80 percent of the time it works all the time. Would you call this a menagerie-à-trois?

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What do you think?

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